Why Members Join ACEC

ACEC’s vision is to lead the business interests of firms providing professional knowledge and services for the built environment.  Member firms join ACEC because the Council helps them become more productive and profitable through advocacy, information, education, networking and group insurance programs.  This primary reason for joining ACEC has remained constant over the past decade.  Other reasons for joining ACEC include desire to support the image and growth of the engineering profession, member services and group buying power.

Please enjoy this video on "The Power of ACEC" and learn what ACEC is doing for your firm's bottom line. 
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There is no single “golden handcuff” to recruit and retain engineering firms.  Each membership segment—based on firm size, discipline, client base and other factors —has a different “needs profile by which to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio of membership.  For example, a smaller firm with limited buying power may value the bottom-line benefits of ACEC’s group insurance plans, including business insurance, life/health and retirement.  A larger firm that has the buying power to negotiate low rates or is self-insured may value ACEC for its advocacy function in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

Regional market differences may also determine why members join. For example, fighting government competition could be a more compelling reason to join for California firms than it is for Georgia firms that are not facing the same legislative issues on the local level.

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